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May I Refuse to Care for a Child Who is Not Immunized?

A parent who wants to enroll in your family child care program tells you she refuses to immunize her child. What do you do?

Child Care Tax Specialists takes a look at the issues surrounding refusing a child into a Child Care program.  It is complicated, and there are a lot of exemptions.  Child Care Professionals have to know how to handle this kind of situation.

Read the full post at http://childcaretaxspecialists.com/may-i-refuse-to-care-for-a-child-who-is-not-immunized/

Track Your Hours – Even When Children Aren’t Present

Many of you maintain good records tracking your hours when children are present,  but how good are you tracking your hours – when children aren’t present?  There are chores/tasks you perform, maybe on a daily basis, after or before the children arrive.  Those hours are important.  They add up.  It only applies to chores/tasks performed on location.  You can’t count the hours spent doing general housekeeping.  One good way to determine what you should count is to ask yourself – “would I be doing this, if I weren’t in business?”  If the answer is “no” … then count it.  Don’t count washing your cars, mowing the lawn, cleaning the oven, etc.

To download a copy of our Daily Chore/Task Checklist, please visit http://childcaretaxspecialists.com/blog/