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IRS revises Guidance on W-2 reporting of Group Health Insurance Costs

Employers need to understand the latest IRS pertaining to the ACA, what their obligations are and have systems in place for tracking and calculating reportable costs. For many, the reporting requirement became effective for the 2012 tax year— but for qualifying small employers (filing less than 250 W-2’s) many of these obligations will take effect for the 2013 tax year.   Continue reading

Personal Home? Tax Home? What’s the Difference?

Did you know that your personal home is not your tax home? 

“Your tax deductions, tax strategies, and tax records hinge on the following federal income tax defined terms: Personal Home, Tax Home, Business Travel, Business Transportation.”¹

Do you know the definition and differences?   Continue reading

Thinking of Selling Your Home? What About Taxes?

Will You Owe Taxes When You Sell Your Home?

Visit our Child Care Tax Specialists site and read more about what a family child care provider faces in the decision to sell their home by way of taxes. One tax you can probably avoid and another you cannot.  This will give you the high points, but it is always best to speak with your tax preparer to get the latest on potential tax impacts.

Click here to read about the tax that you probably can avoid.